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  • Lorenzo Bonfiglio

California’s Fight for Housing Equity: Meet the Groups Making a Difference

Millions of people in California are unhoused. This widespread problem has become known as the California housing crisis, an apt name for such a devastating, dehumanizing issue. As more California non-profits attempt to tackle this challenge, some positive changes have arisen that point to a better future for the unhoused.

Two of the organizations I volunteer for, California YIMBY and Abundant Housing LA, are dedicated to addressing the housing crisis in this state. There are other organizations that commit their time to making a difference as well. Here’s what you should know about getting involved in saving the unhoused from devastation in California.

The Disappearance of Affordable Housing in California

The costs of housing in California have skyrocketed in the last few decades. This sharp increase in home values and renting costs has left millions of people with no access to necessary shelter. Unfortunately, California policies have yet to adequately address this issue.

Over 68% of California residents agree that housing affordability is a major problem in their respective areas. When the majority of a state’s residents are struggling, it indicates that this is not simply a work ethic or personal finance issue — it’s entirely systemic.

As renters and homeowners constantly face sharp increases in prices, taxes, and other related costs, the unhoused population in California continues to grow. Fortunately, several wonderful organizations that care have become committed to making a dent in the California housing crisis.

California YIMBY: Promoting Policy and Accessibility Changes in California’s Housing Market

California YIMBY is a non-profit organization that aims to make California an accessible place for everyone through affordable housing costs. This organization addresses the legal and political aspects of the housing crisis to ensure that positive change happens in all the right places.

Grassroots organizers from California YIMBY fight for better land use and housing policies across the state. This will eventually secure more homes that can go to unhoused people — so everyone has a safe place to return to each night.

Housing Education and Advocacy Through Abundant Housing LA

Abundant Housing LA is one of the most passionate, effective organizations when it comes to addressing the housing crisis. This non-profit group aims to educate people on the California housing crisis and promote housing increases throughout the state.

Grassroots organizers who are part of Abundant Housing LA are committed to engaging communities and spreading awareness of this very important problem. With more public education on the housing crisis comes more public passion for solving it. We can do it with the help of wonderful volunteers and advocates.

Grassroots Organizations Aim to Solve the Housing Crisis

Nonprofits are not financially driven. These organizations are solely focused on their missions and their impacts on the communities around them. Both California YIMBY and Abundant Housing LA are committed to solving the California housing crisis through any means necessary.

Advocacy groups like these can sway public policy, enact legal changes, and influence social attitudes toward the housing crisis. We can only rely on other community members to help us make these changes — and grassroots organizations are a large part of that.

Fixing the California Housing Crisis Through Collaborative Efforts

Volunteer work is about more than just getting a specified number of hours for applications and prestige. By getting involved with grassroots organizations that are making a difference, engaged citizens can help fix the California housing crisis one step at a time.



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