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  • Lorenzo Bonfiglio

Ghost Kitchens: A Revolution in the Culinary World. Here’s Why

As food delivery services and digital ordering take the culinary world by storm, ghost kitchens have been popping up everywhere. There are various opinions on ghost kitchens — not all of which are positive. However, I’m here to tell you why ghost kitchens are actually revolutionary for restaurants everywhere.

Companies that offer ghost kitchen services — like CloudKitchens — are helping businesses stay on top of increasing demand. Here’s what you should know about the ever-increasing prevalence of ghost kitchens and why we need them.

The Extreme Rise in Demand for Food Delivery

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, so does food preparation and delivery. Several food delivery apps, like Uber Eats and GrubHub, have changed the way customers are ordering and consuming food. Ghost kitchens can rise to the task and meet customers’ needs for convenient delivery and digital ordering.

Before food delivery apps rose in popularity, ghost kitchens wouldn’t have served much of a purpose at all. Think about it: The whole point of ghost kitchens is to expand your online presence in the culinary world. Thanks to digital expansion and customers’ digital habits, this is now possible.

A Guide to Ghost Kitchens: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Sometimes called “dark kitchens,” ghost kitchens are spaces that are set up to create food to be delivered elsewhere. Traditional restaurants and other food businesses just can’t meet these needs anymore. With the overhead costs of running a physical restaurant and the additional logistics involved, ghost kitchens make more sense.

Tech-Based Food Services: When a ghost kitchen receives an online order through a delivery app, it pings to a tablet right in the kitchen space. There, staff can accept the order and start fulfilling it right away.

After the order is complete, staff members mark this on the tablet. Ghost kitchen services do the rest of the work to get each order to each customer in a timely manner.

Optimized for Delivery Orders: Ghost kitchens have staff members who are solely dedicated to fulfilling delivery orders. This means when an online order comes in from one of the various delivery apps on the market, the staff can start prepping it right away. Meanwhile, traditional restaurants aren’t overburdened by the excess delivery orders.

Why Ghost Kitchens Are So Beneficial

You might have some reservations about ghost kitchens. They get a particularly bad rap sometimes, but this is unfair. The convenience and financial benefits alone outweigh many of the common concerns about ghost kitchens. Here are some of the biggest advantages of using ghost kitchen services.

Convenience: Hands-Off Branding, Marketing, and Outreach: Branding ghost kitchens is a lot easier than promoting a brick-and-mortar location, especially given the digital nature of our world today. Ghost kitchen services handle all of the logistics. From marketing to branding to customer outreach, they have you covered.

Minimized Operational Costs: With ghost kitchens, you don’t have to worry about excessive operating costs. You simply rent a kitchen space to prepare delivery orders — that’s it. Ghost kitchen services take care of the rest of the hard work so you can focus on other important endeavors.

Staff Efficiency: Having one dedicated team working on fulfilling delivery orders sounds like a logistical dream, right? With ghost kitchen services, this dream becomes a reality. Instead of paying exorbitant labor costs and managing separate staff for in-person versus online orders, you can easily consolidate with ghost kitchens.

Adjusting to the Modern Culinary Environment with Ghost Kitchens

In today’s digital world, businesses must adapt to ever-changing customer preferences. Consider ghost kitchen services for your business. You may be surprised at the additional revenue and cost cuts that come.



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